WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

The day of our date nights, we girls get super duper excited (come on, you know it too), we plan our outfits and plan how to style our hair basically the entire day. The rollers in our hair start to untangle, and the moisturizer on our faces starts to settle. You feel the anticipation of finally meeting your date and excitement, along with butterflies because you do not know how the date is going to go. You remember seeing the guy or gal last night at the party and all you remember are their sparkly, sincere eyes. You want to look your best and, let’s not lie to ourselves, we all want to impress our dates.

While we look through our closet, chit-chatting with our best friend on the phone trying to decide what to wear, we make a disaster of our rooms. Walking through the maze of clothes, trying to escape and finally grasp for some air, we get a call. “Ring, ring” “Hello?” It’s your date. You smile. Now don’t deny it. Even you guys, try to pick out your best outfit and gel your hair back (and don’t forget spray a little bit extra of your Axe).

My Fashionista this week wore a perfect black romper for the summer along with a magenta and gold necklace which comes from my collection. Her gold swirl bangle also comes from my collection, and goes perfectly with the black on the romper. The simpler the better, as the black romper along with a statement necklace is always perfect. She looks classy and ready for her date. She even kept her makeup simple and her beautiful hair shiny and straight as ever. Rompers are comfortable and allow for breathing room. Her American Eagle romper states casual, yet formal. Her black wedges are perfect for the summer as well.

One Simple Change: Going on vacation tomorrow, and can’t figure out an evening outfit? Switch out the wedges for a black pair of sandals; it gives off a more “relaxed and casual” vibe.