WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

I always say that fashion should be about dressing for yourself and wearing what makes you feel awesome. It’s a way for you to express yourself and be an artist, but when it coms to date night we tend to find ourselves dressing for our partner rather than ourselves. Whether it’s a first date or a date with a long-term partner, we undoubtedly want to make a good impression and keep our partner’s eyes locked on us the entire evening!

Like always, having style does not mean sacrificing comfort. Though a tight little dress and heals can make you look like a bombshell, no one wants to worry about their dress riding up or blisters on their heels. Date night is the time for you to enjoy some alone time with your significant other.

This Fashionista looked date night ready in her floral, babydoll dress from Hollister Co. The brown and neutral tones in this outfit work well because having too many colors can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Sticking with a natural look is sometimes better than being all dolled up. This dress is great for date night because floral and flowy are the epitome of romance and the open back keeps the outfit flirty while still effortless.

The watch worn by this Fashionista is this one from Francesca’s. Wearing minimal accessories is great because it won’t distract from the most important part of the date: you!

One Simple Change: Take this look with you on vacation by adding a tan floppy hat and a chic pair of sunglasses!