WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Between running to your classes, your part-time job and any career-related extracurricular activity, college doesn’t always give you the time or opportunity to really contemplate your outfit for those summer date nights. But this Fashionista has this part of her fashion down to a science.

I stumbled onto this Fashionista the other day and noticed her romantic ensemble. She told me she was waiting for her boyfriend to meet her for a special date night. She also told me that between classes, her two jobs and her career endeavors for becoming a social worker, she actually has her outfits planned right when she buys them. When she has time to shop, she first opts to buy very neutral pieces that can be used for more than one occasion. For example, her black maxi skirt is paired with a pink, layered tube top here, but she has also used this skirt with a loose tank top for class and a crop top for a night out with her girls. She then makes sure that she buys pieces that can be put together into one outfit itself. This takes away a lot of the thought in her outfits since it is so easy to color-coordinate and there are no pieces in her wardrobe inappropriate for most occasions.

One Simple Change: For a more elegant occasion like a cocktail party or upscale event, I would switch this Fashionista’s top with a loose, satin shirt carrying a deep V-neckline. I would then put her hair into a curly hair bun and finish things off with a long, slim necklace to accent the neckline.