WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

July 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

Summertime seems like the best season for date nights. There are fewer responsibilities and so many activities to do. Whether it’s heading out to a baseball game or going to the fair, summer nights are the best.

With so many different date options, it’s hard to narrow down what you are going to do, much less what you are going to wear. This Fashionista decided her date night was going to be one with a little formality. Every once in a while, you need a nice dinner and an excuse to dress up!

This Free People dress is the perfect date night dress. It is a spin off of the classic LBD. The red flowers make for a fun and happy summer vibe, while the black background keeps the dress on the more formal side. This dress is all about little details as well. The waist line has a little bit of lace cut out that shows just enough skin to still keep things classy. If you are not comfortable showing a little skin, just throw on a fitted tank top underneath. The look will still be fabulous.

Now lets talk about the shoes. These shoes have killer heels, yet the Fashionista had no problem keeping her balance because of the platform at the front of the shoe. Most girls are worried about being taller than their dates, but if you are wearing these awesome shoes, then who really cares?

Lastly, we have the jewelry. This dress already has a lot of details happening, so simple jewelry is all that is really needed. This Fashionista paired a simple Michael Kors watch, and now the look has just enough bling.

One Simple Change: Say you wanted to keep this as a date night look, but instead of a nice dinner you wanted to go to a concert. For that occasion, these shoes would not be ideal. Instead, why not throw on some gladiator sandals and head to the front of the crowd?