WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Sometimes, finding an outfit to wear for a date night can be frustrating. Whether you are going out for a date night with your friends or significant other, dressing to impress is always on the mind. This Fashionista rocked it with this skirt, crop top, platform shoes and sunglasses combo.

This Fashionista is wearing a detailed crop top paired with a black skirt. What I love most about this pairing is the detail both the skirt and crop top have. The crop top has an embroidered flower pattern on it that adds great texture to the outfit. My favorite part about this top is the neckline. The high neckline really complements her shoulders and looks absolutely stunning. The skirt has some fun rousing on the sides. The skirt and top make this outfit more fun than just a basic black dress. It really makes for a sleeker look.

Now let’s talk about her accessories. I love how she brings in the striped, wide frame sunglasses. I always love black and white together and the sunglasses are the perfect accessory to the outfit. To finish this outfit off, this Fashionista is wearing white and gold platform shoes. This shoes are so cute and versatile. I love how she really dressed them up with the outfit.

One Simple Change: Need a place to put some cash or lipstick? Pairing a colorful clutch or purse would be perfect. Accessorizing with pops of color is a fun and easy way to add to any outfit, especially when wearing neutral colors.