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WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Sweaty palms and a hint of anxiety can only mean one thing: it’s date night. First dates can leave you overthinking and analyzing every aspect of the night. One can only hope that expectations meet reality on a first date and as a result, your mind races as you consistently reassure yourself that everything will go as planned. Naturally, you’re overwhelmed with a mix of emotions from excitement to nervousness; but soon after the surge of emotions subsides, the inevitable question crosses your mind: “what do I wear?”

What starts out as a mindless stare into the abyss of your closet, soon becomes a mini fashion show of one as you undertake the challenge of finding the perfect outfit. Eventually, the endless hours of rummaging through your closet and creating mounds of clothes sporadically around the room results in a winner.

Though this task may come easy for some, the majority find it rather time-consuming preparing for a first date. Fortunately, this Fashionista had an enjoyable experience assembling this fun and flirty outfit for her date night. She chose a bright pattern filled dress that tailors to her curves, but also offers an adjustable lace-up back. The intensity of her dress suggested minimal jewelry, which is why she chose arm candy as her choice of accessories which included a silver Michael Kors watch, along with a couple of Alex and Ani bracelets. Lastly, she chose these fun, chunky heeled shoes that greatly expresses her corky personality.

One Simple Change: Exchange the chunky heels for a pair of tan leather flats. This will make the outfit more formal and perhaps appropriate for a day spent at your summer internship.