WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

It seems that Mr. Sun is getting grumpy lately. The summer is getting hotter and hotter; I feel like melting under the sun. So do people who are in love. There are lines in front of bars and restaurants, and the whole city is full of couples. So, what to wear for a date night becomes a major problem for many people. Due to the heat of summer, an outfit that can keep both you and your partner cool is needed.

This Fashionista has shown us a refreshing outfit that is perfect for date nights. She wore a Tiffany blue dress with lace. The color of the dress is the perfect color for the summer. The color itself is both elegant and comforting. In psychology, blue can offer visual coolness and can calm people down, which means the color of the dress can make your partner feel refreshing, too. Another advantage of this dress was that the top is short while the bottom part is long. The proportion of the dress gave the perfect body proportion for this Fashionista. The transparency of the dress allows the partner to take a glimpse of the shape of legs, which spices up the night. The pick of the dress can make you elegant and refreshing while also little sexy.

Besides the dress, this Fashionista completed her whole outfit with a pair of black, platform heeled sandals, a pearl necklace and a leather bracelet. The leather bracelet perfectly matched the material of the sandals. The pearl necklace increases the elegancy of the whole outfit. The sandals, necklace and bracelet allow the dress to stand out. Interestingly, the Fashionista’s colored hair added some fun to the outfit, which seems to add some fun to the date night.

One Simple Change: Change the platform sandals to black, pointed heeled shoes and you are ready to attend formal occasions.