WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

With this gorgeous summer weather all around us, the typical “dinner and a movie” date idea may be mixed up to better fit the season! Whether your hot date is taking you to a baseball game or you are exploring the city together, wearing the right out is still a must!

This Fashionista has created a versatile outfit for her date night out on the town. She chose classic, white cuffed skinnies to show off her adorable brown wedges. To add a formal touch as well as a flashy statement piece, she chose a red sequined clutch. She finished her cool style with a sassy patterned top from J.Crew and layered bangles.

Since the setting of her date was going to be partly outside, having a top with an open back was a good way to go! This Fashionista was headed to dinner in the beautiful city of Charlotte. She wanted to dress up a bit to fit the cosmo style city vibes, yet she wanted to be comfortable enough to explore the city after dinner. Adding the clutch gave her more of a night out look while still keeping the overall mood casual.

A lot of people feel they can express themselves though the clothes they wear. When you think about your first date, wearing an outfit that shows off your personality and style is the way to go! This Fashionita’s outfit shows that she is a classy lady, who also loves a little sparkle!

One Simple Change: To create more of a nighttime look, she could roll down her denim and add a sassy pair of heels!