WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

With summer in full swing, there is no better time to take a page out of Danny and Sandy’s book and find some summertime love. With beautiful sunsets and warm weather, summer is the perfect time for sitting out on a deck and enjoying dinner with your new (or old) beau. We all know Danny and Sandy hit the arcade, while this Fashionista’s ideal date would be to try a new restaurant on the water and get some fresh seafood with a fun cocktail. Date night does not have to be hard to get ready for! Wear something that you feel confident and comfortable in.

This Fashionista chose a black swing dress to wear on her ideal date. It is comfortable, while still being nice enough for dinner. She paired it with wedges and a statement necklace to jazz it up a bit. She chose a gold fringe necklace, but you can choose any necklace that you feel comfortable in. This gold necklace works well for night time because it is simple and timeless. Her cross-body bag is just the right size to walk comfortably along the water after wrapping up dinner. So don’t let your summer nights start “driftin away” (no more Grease references, I promise) and have fun!

One Simple Change: If you want to wear this outfit earlier in the day, it is easy enough to change. Switch the wedges with a cute pair of sandals and take off the necklace and you have an easy outfit to run errands in. This would be a great outfit to wear walking down Newbury Street in Boston and window shopping with your friends. You can also tie a chambray shirt around your waist to make it more casual for the day time.