WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Every girl has at some point looked at her closet, stared at 300 tops, 60 dresses and 100 pairs of jeans only to come to the conclusion that she has nothing to wear. Perhaps it’s actually that you have so many options you aren’t sure what stylish and totally different outfit you have the power to create. I’m faced with this dilemma often and naturally it always arises when my boyfriend decides it’s date night.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating your guy for 10 days or 10 years, there will still be a desire to dress up and strut your stuff. This Fashionista knows exactly how to do just that! From head to toe she was primped and polished, yet didn’t go over the top by keeping her makeup light and accessories at a minimum to let her outfit do all the talking. The Fashionista’s skater skirt was nicely balanced out with a Rolling Stone T-shirt and chambray button-up. Whether her guy takes her to some fine Italian dining or the local campus diner, she’s ready to go and will turn heads doing it. Her red pumps (which will make any girl feel like a million bucks) added a sassy, pin up vibe and reminded me of the cartoon icon Betty Boop. Lastly, her fedora was the cherry on top. The hat created a little mystery to her look while incorporating more of the old school pin up aura, confirming how appropriate the outfit is for date night.

One Simple Change: Take this outfit from date night sassy to classroom classy by trading out the pumps for Converse sneakers. Try making this look even more casual by swapping out the skirt with your favorite jeans.