WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Whether it’s for your boyfriend, girlfriend or someone new, we all love getting dressed up for date night. Unlike winter, you don’t have to worry about freezing in an outfit that looks amazing but fails to keep you warm! Summer makes it easier to pull off the effortless look because you don’t need as many garments to create an outfit.

Out of the many possible date looks this Fashionista chose to go the sweet and feminine route. She wears a black and white color-block dress with a hint of lace. The black lace detailing stands out against the white and adds subtle femininity. The fitting upper half in contrast to the flowy bottom creates a range of textures and keeps the look interesting. This shape of dress is also very flattering to most body types.

For the rest of her outfit, a pair of black, low heel booties add some height while remaining comfortable. The last thing you want on a date is to have your feet hurt! A boxy purse with a large bow keeps the look light and sweet. Unless you’re spending the entire day out with your date, avoid carrying around large totes and anything oversized because chances are, you don’t need that much space and it’s going to get in the way. For date nights, stick to clutches and smaller handbags.

Your outfit should make you feel good and confident. Don’t dress the way you think your date wants you to look if you don’t like it! Wearing very night time appropriate colors, this Fashionista is ready for her date in this simple ensemble that requires no accessories and is sure to keep her comfortable.

One Simple Change: Swap the heeled booties for a pair of black flats or sandals and throw on a cardigan in a bright color to transform this look into something you can wear to brunch. Adding a pop of color to the outfit helps make the dress appropriate for daytime.