WHAT TO WEAR: Dashing Through the Snow

Snow is one of the most beautiful things to look at and one of the most dreadful things to walk in. Living in Ohio, I am no stranger to tons of snow and the ridiculously cold weather. My mom will always say, “Bundle up, because you want to dress to stay warm, not to look cute.” However, I always want to dress cute, no matter how cold it is outside. That is why I loved the look this Fashionista was rocking. She really nailed how to dress warm, but at the same time look simply adorable.

She is hitting a lot of the must-haves to stay warm and be fashionable, so I am going to point them out. She has her first layer of clothing simple and cute by pairing warm leggings with a simple burgundy sweater. Something that is always an essential is a good winter coat, so why not find a stylish coat you can rock through the cold weather. For this year’s street-style, it is the winter for bomber jackets and–as this Fashionista is displaying with her Michael Kors quilted coat–puffer jackets.

Then, let’s not forget the favorite winter accessory: the infinity scarf. I mean what is better than something that is so warm yet adds so much style to an outfit, that you never have to take it off no matter where you are? It’s a win-win. Clearly, I LOVE me some scarves, but who doesn’t?

The next trend that is very popular right now that she is pulling off is her crew socks. Who knew socks would be such a game-changer for an outfit? Well, they are! Add a pair of crew socks with a cute pattern or some colored knee-high socks to any outfit for a little fashion pop. Then throw on some duck boots to prepare you for that journey in the snow.

Okay, okay, okay…I definitely saved the best–well, in my opinion–for last! The beanie with the faux fur pom on top is everywhere and anywhere this winter and if you don’t have one, I suggest you get one! They are, of course, super comfy and warm, as all beanies are. HOWEVER, they are also so, so cute. What is not to like about a furry little ball just sitting on the top of your head?!

So, to sum it all up, there’s no need to fear going outside this winter because with the right outfit and accessories, you will not only be staying warm in the cold snow, but looking fashionable while doing it.