WHAT TO WEAR: Dark Knight

Are you going out with your girls to dinner and really don’t know what to wear? Well you can never go wrong with wearing the classic color black and you can always throw on some accent pieces too! Black is the tone color that flatters everyone and it looks great during the winter time and makes your outfit look really chic. I think the black and white look makes a woman look very classy and can be worn if you are going out casually with some friends.

To my fellow Fashionistas, a classic night out look can be very simple and all you really need is some neutral colors. Black is a color that everyone has in their wardrobe and it’s very easy to style because it’s compatible with so many different colors. Also, adding some accessories will enhance your outfit and make you look chic and classy. Winter is one season where you need lots of layers. So, when you are going out during the winter you can always throw on a faux fur coat or a scarf and that will make your outfit pop even more.

In the following pictures, my model is wearing some black wide leg suspender trousers, which look very flattering because of the way they flow. In addition to that, she has a white dress shirt that is cuffed at the wrist, and it complements the black very well. The accessories she has on include a small black handbag, a silver statement flower ring, and a black floppy hat, which goes well with the simplicity of the look. Also, for her shoes she’s wearing some classic black booties with a small platform heel, which are great to wear with longer pants. You can never go wrong with a simple chic black look. Keep up with me and follow all my social media. Stay classy Fashionistas!