WHAT TO WEAR: Dare to Wear Patterns

WHAT TO WEAR: Dare to Wear Patterns

Today we’re talking about something that scares a lot of people: patterns, and lots of them.

The best thing about wearing patterns is that there are so many to choose from, and so many different ways to mix and match them to create a look that is completely your own. For example, wearing a plain T-shirt with patterned pants or vice versa is a great way to make your outfit pop and make a statement.

My model is wearing pink patterned pants, complemented by a plain, white button-up blouse. Classy, stylish, and modern at the same time. She paired the look with… dare I say it… more patterns! Her big, cozy, plaid scarf helped complete the look, added another pop of color, and made The statement that she isn’t afraid to take risks. (That’s a lot of talking for a scarf, I know.)

Her brown knee-length boots aren’t something you would typically think to pair with with the pink pants, but once again, it just works. The outfit completely comes together and makes a statement! She looks ready to take on the day in style. (Psst, the pants look comfortable too.)

Also, who said you can’t wear sunglasses in the winter? Adding to her look, she’s rocking these tortoise-patterned sunglasses, giving me total hippie vibes.

A lot of people would shy away from this bold look, but I love a Fashionista who isn’t scared to take a risk (take a chance, make a change, and breakaway… Is the Kelly Clarkson reference too much?).

Anyway, what do you think of her look? I hope you love it and try to recreate it in your own way. Fashion is an art of self-expression after all.