WHAT TO WEAR: Dapper in Denim

For the longest time, wearing denim on denim was a major fashion crime. If not paired correctly, you are presented with the risk of looking like Brittney Spears and Justin Timberlake on the 2001 red carpet. However, as all trends change, so do the rules of what not to wear. Denim on denim is a trend making its way back onto the radar, with little likelihood of leaving anytime soon.

But what are the ‘new rules’ for avoiding a fashion disaster?

My Fashionisto is here to show you the perfect way to pair denim pieces to conquer the lingering cold days while maintaining your stylish ways.

Light wash jeans are perfect for the winter months all the way into early spring, especially when paired with a thick sweater or heavy jacket. I find that skinny jeans best fit taller people, while straight leg jeans are more flattering on those with an athletic build. To eliminate his jeans from being bunched up at his ankles when wearing ankle boots, this Fashionisto cuffed his jeans. This offers a fashionable alternative to looking lazy and lacking in style.

Denim on denim is all about contrast. To keep his outfit balanced, our Fashionisto paired his light wash jeans with a dark wash, fleece lined jean jacket. Aside from the apparent purpose of the fleece lining (to keep you warm), the lining of this jacket also adds texture to the outfit while drawing out the lighter accents in the pants. This keeps your eye moving downwards and doesn’t create a main focal point.

Under his dark jean jacket, this Fashionisto wore a bright, white long sleeve T-shirt, which stands out when compared to the cream color of the fleece. This T-shirt has black thick lines on the front that bring out the darker accents in his jacket. The horizontal lines on the shirt also contrast the vertical stitching details on the jacket’s midsection.

His caramel colored leather Thorogood Boots are a must for cold days, not to mention that they are a perfect color and pair well with most outfits!

This Fashionisto taught me that denim on denim is a combination that shouldn’t be avoided. Variations in washes can be the only colors you need in your outfit. Lastly, in Western Pennsylvania, it will always snow when you least expect it to, so remember to stay prepared.