WHAT TO WEAR: Cute vs. Cold

We’re all familiar with it. It’s the hottest rivalry of the season: cute vs. cold. New England winter is at it again, trying to sabotage fashion everywhere. For some reason, Jack Frost loves to taunt us by persuading Fashionistas to wear sweatpants and blankets to class. This season, it’s time to fight back against the cold and stay cozy while being effortlessly fashionable.

With the beginning of the new semester, almost everyone is still determined to dress to impress. One of the great things about the cold is that it motivates us to experiment with layers and mix-and-match trends in attempt to retain variety, even when the weather seems only to permit parkas and snow boots. This outfit really stands out as a smart way to keep your winter wardrobe fun. In keeping with the need to keep warm, this Fashionista makes quite a statement, rocking tasteful layers. Her look, overall, presents interesting dynamics between the monochromatic color scheme and contrasting textures.

Many people tend to avoid skirts when it gets cold, thinking they’ll have to cover their legs. While tights are always an option, they can be hard to match with many looks and won’t do much to keep you warm. One great solution is to wear tall boots, like these riding boots, with skirts to keep most of the leg concealed. And with an awesome mini skirt like this, exposed knees are definitely worth the extra chill. Not only does the lace-up detail make this skirt stand out as a statement piece, but it’s corduroy texture screams winter. It would be a fashion sin not to make this skirt work on a cold day.

Another great feature of this outfit is the jacket. It can often be difficult to maintain a stylish look in the winter when you always have to cover up your outfit with a bulky winter coat. In this outfit, however, the tan peacoat adds to the look with its clean lines and overall professional feel. A neutral and versatile peacoat is a staple item in everyone’s winter wardrobe because it provides a chic and classic option for keeping warm that will not take away from your look.

This outfit is perfect for a cold day because it is so simple, yet fashionable, and requires as little effort as athleisure. A go-to, lazy day style hack is to employ only a few comfortable, solid colored pieces and accessories. This look takes minimal-thought one step further with its brown-and-beige theme, not only making coordination between pieces a breeze, but also creating a fresh and original style. While everyone else sees a super cute outfit and a lot of effort, the wearer just feels comfortable in her warm boots, jacket, and super soft cowl neck sweater.

Don’t let winter win the battle over fashion this year. You never have to sacrifice looking good for staying warm.