WHAT TO WEAR: Cute, Cozy, Comfortable

Ah Valentine’s Day, a holiday to celebrate love, joy, and chocolate! Although my friends think Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday that’s just designed to suck away the money from guilty partners who feel obligated to buy presents for their significant others, I say boo to the haters. I agree that you should remind the people you love that you love them every day, but I think it’s awesome that we can dedicate the purpose of one specific day to love, and love only! And if you’re single this Valentine’s Day my friends, don’t sweat because so am I! I’m celebrating the love I have for myself, my family, and my friends…with lots and lots of chocolates! #treatyourself!

However, this Fashionista was lucky enough to have a dinner date with the man of her dreams. Dinner dates can be tricky, especially on a day where reservations are already made, and the night has a select pressure to be perfect. It’s hard to get down the atmosphere and unspoken dress code of a restaurant if you have never been there. And although it’s tempting to wear something sexy that show’s off your hot body, you’re also going to be stuffing your face with delicious food, and the last thing you want on your mind is how your clothes will fit after!

This Fashionista killed the style game with her comfortable, cotton dress from Forever 21 that both shows off her curves and gives her wiggle room for dessert. She was going to a cute and casual Thai restaurant, so she dressed it down with high boots. Her spark of flair was in her patterned tights and bow-tie choker, both from Urban Outfitters. Wearing the choker adds an edgy flair to an otherwise sweet outfit, and keeps the attention at her smiling face. She tops it all off with a huge, oversize, knit comfy cardigan to keep her warm and snuggly throughout the night.

This Fashionista was curve-a-licious as ever, without giving up the comfort of the night. It was a night of food, love, and celebration. And that’s the way Valentine’s should be.