WHAT TO WEAR: Cute and Comfy to Class

As the winter season continues, it gets harder and harder to know what to wear to class on a daily basis and how to stay warm. This Fashionista completely rocked the cute and warm look we all try to strive towards in the winter time. The brown and cream turtleneck sweater is right on trend with the winter season this year. The sweater is paired perfectly with dark wash jeans to compliment the brown in the sweater, followed by the light and dark brown booties, and then some accessories to really make the outfit the Fashionista’s own.

Turtleneck sweaters have been seen everywhere and on everyone, on and off the runways this winter season. They allow comfort, style, and warmth, what more can you ask for in your sweater? Often times the turtleneck alone makes the outfit, so everything else added to the outfit is supposed to help emphasize and compliment the sweater. The dark wash jeans were a perfect choice because of the darker colors in the sweater. The two-tone boots again tie directly into the brown in the sweater and are a perfect way to dress the outfit up for class. The small light purple detailing in the necklace adds a pop and focal point to the outfit. The use of gold rings helps tie the necklace into it because of the gold emphasis in both.

An easy way to add extra warmth while still keeping the outfit cute and fashionable of course, could be adding a scarf. The scarf, just like the sweater, is a staple piece in most Fashionistas’/os’ wardrobes. The scarf can simply replace the necklace and rings, so depending on the day, the type of accessories used may differ.

Next time you’re questioning what to wear to class on a cold winter day, remember to accessorize in order to compliment whatever you want your main piece to be of your outfit!