WHAT TO WEAR: Cruisin' in Style

WHAT TO WEAR: Cruisin' in Style

Spring is upon us, but we Oregonians still have to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at us, even if that is snow at the beginning of March. In the morning, we may have to prepare for a full day of rain, but sometimes the sun decides to make a guest appearance. But hey, I am not complaining. Today was a perfect day on campus with a little bit of overcast which made it feel a lot more like spring than winter. I always love it when the rain goes away because it gives me, and other Fashionista/os, a chance to display their style!

Whenever I get ready for a day of classes, I know that if I am going to make it through the day, I need to be comfortable. This doesn’t necessarily mean I always gravitate towards athletic wear, but it really is about finding a pair of jeans that fit me right and a jacket that doesn’t restrict movement. Another part that is very important to me, and I am sure it is important to many of you as well, is to wear a pair of shoes that are made for walking. There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of shoes around campus that make your feet feel like you just ran a marathon. I believe sneakers are making a fashion comeback because they are so dang comfortable.

This Fashionista paired her outfit with a fitted jacket that is perfect for everyday wear. It is casual enough to wear to class, but it also dresses up her outfit as well for the perfect balance. Along with her jacket, this Fashionista wore a basic black T-shirt and a layered necklace to add detail. Her light wash jeans are perfect because they brighten up the outfit, and the distressing in the jeans add more detail as well. The Nike shoes that this Fashionista wore are my absolute favorite because they are so unique and complete the everyday on-the-go look!

Overall, the outfit that this Fashionista wore to class works because it is comfortable and cute at the same time!