WHAT TO WEAR: Cozy With a Hint of Style

Having trouble staying stylish during the winter season? Have no fear, because your Style Guru is here to help you out! There are many ways to stay warm while looking fabulous at the same time. The outfit in the pictures is the perfect example of how a cozy and stylish outfit can be achieved.

In the picture, you will see the Fashionista wearing a simple white sweater with skinny jeans, Ugg boots, a scarf, and two other accessories such as the Nixon watch and jeweled ring. These pieces make up the outfit so well with their neutral colors and having a girly look at the same time.

Again, there are a lot of ways to stay cute, comfy, and warm during winter but I have been seeing this look on bloggers lately and I am obsessed! Ugg boots are coming back in style and I love cute furry boots with sweaters and jeans.

What I like about jeans with a sweater is that it is not the “common white girl” look such as the sweater, leggings, and Ugg boots look. It may not be so spontaneous but it is still very adorable.

This look is especially suitable for young college students. Getting out of bed in the morning and going to class is hard enough, but trying to put outfits together for the day is sometimes impossible with the lack of time and energy. Luckily, this look is comfortable and less time consuming, so your chances of going to class on time while rocking the hallways are a solid ten!