WHAT TO WEAR: Cozy on the Go

It is always easy to fall into the temptation of wearing pajamas at all hours of the day during the semester, especially when it is winter time in New England and you have errands to run. The air is cold and you would much rather stay inside, it even makes the library sound appealing, but everyone has to make a run to the supermarket or bookstore at some point or another.

In my opinion, this Fashionista perfected the comfortable on-the-go look. The muted colors of her blue thermal and black skinny jeans pop against her red hair. She adds a bright accent that draws your eye down to her white sneakers, which perfectly contrast the dark colored outfit. If you are like me, then you’re wondering how it is physically possible to keep white sneakers so bright white in the winter months. This Fashionista said that she washes the sneakers once every few weeks and uses a little bleach when necessary, which keeps them shining as bright as the snow.

She completes the outfit with a fitted black leather moto jacket from BNCI by Blanc Noir. The jacket features a stitched pattern stretching across the shoulders that adds detail and a hint of toughness to the look. This jacket is incredibly flattering and hugs in just the right places. In person, the leather is touchably soft and has a slight shine, which stands out when it catches the light. My favorite part of this look is that she topped everything off with a knit infinity scarf for warmth. The scarf adds a perfect variation in texture and is basically a blanket for your neck when you are feeling a little chilly.

All in all, this outfit is perfect for spending an afternoon running errands or grabbing coffee with friends. It is subtle and soft, and the detailing on the leather jacket catches your eye. She proves that you can look great, stay warm, and be just as cozy as you would have been if you stayed in your fleece pajama set!