WHAT TO WEAR: Cozy Coffee-Chic

I’ve read before that you need to find a “third space” that makes you happy. Being a college student, your life mostly consists of work and school on repeat. Finding a nice cozy place to hang out and do homework is essential. What better place than a cute little downtown coffee shop? There is always a certain aesthetic for coffee shops which calls for a reason to put together a cute outfit!

Coffee shop days with friends not only mean studying and getting stuff done, but it can also involve many opportunities for impromptu photo shoots with friends. Grab yourself a Cup of Joe and get creative. Nothing better than an awesome Instagram picture!

For this look, this Fashionista went for a cozy chic look. She paired her favorite ruffled cream cardigan with an Army green turtleneck. The color Army green is really in at the moment and I’m always seeing people wearing it throughout campus. To keep the outfit comfy, she decided to wear a pair of black leggings and slipped on some buckled black booties which add a lot of style to this look.

With this super trendy outfit, this Fashionista is ready to take on any coffee shop near campus. Outfits like this make it easy to get ready for class in the morning and allow you to feel comfortable throughout the rest of your day. Now go throw on your cozy coffee-chic outfit and take on your favorite coffee shop with your lovely Fashionistas/os!