WHAT TO WEAR: Concerts

During the summer months, there is an increase in the amount of things to do, especially music festivals. Whether it be EDM concerts, outdoors country concerts or big festivals downtown, it is important to look cute while also being purposeful for those long warm days in the sun. Before heading out to dance the day away, it is important to know what the weather is going to be like throughout the day. Pretty self-explanatory right? A lot of people struggle with this subject,though, because they can’t find anything to wear while looking cute and appropriate for the weather.

Now it may seem that when you think of music festivals, you have to all out—as if you were going to Coachella in the middle of the desert, with fringe and glitter on the face and stacked up jewelry with floppy hats. Although Coachella festival fashion sounds fun to dress up for, it may not be in everyone’s comfort zone which is why this Fashionista is wearing a perfect example. She is wearing a plain T-shirt, which is comfortable enough to wear on a hot day with a pair of leather shorts and a plaid shirt around the waist. The leather shorts add a more edgy look, while the plaid shirt around the waist makes the look casual, yet can also be used to keep you warm as it gets darker out!

As far as accessories go, the white hat is helpful with the sun, and getting it out of your face. It can be worn either way—frontwards or backwards! White or lighter colors help keep away the heat because the sun is more attracted to darker colors. The fringe backpack is useful to carry around during the day because it keeps your hands free, while also looking cute!

One Simple Change: Want to crawl right into bed after a long day? Easy. You can easily take this outfit from day to night (well, bedtime). Wearing a comfortable T-shirt all day leaves you with only having to change into pajama bottoms! The last thing you want to do after a long day of dancing and walking around is have to to change completely, especially when just slipping on a pair of pajama bottoms is nicer and faster.