WHAT TO WEAR: Concert Season

December 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Ah, the internal struggle of trying to find an outfit to wear for a concert and contemplating whether or not heels might be too much, or if your favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans are appropriate for the rapidly decreasing 40-degree weather outside.  Well, struggle no more, because I have the perfect concert solution.

I spotted this Fashionista on campus and had to get a picture of her chic, yet effortless outfit! From the DIY denim jacket, embellished with on trend pins (spot the Marina and the Diamonds pin, and the cute little rose pin), the graphic T-shirt, canvas tote bag and utilitarian Dr. Martens, I was and still am in Style Guru heaven.

Now, we have all been there and know (or should know by now, hopefully) that though you want to look cute, looking cute at a concert has its limits. Making sure that your outfit can brave the wind or the sweltering heat is a must. You also have to consider that you may be walking  a lot, and by a lot I mean from the concert all the way to the other end of the venue. That is not a situation that you want to be stuck in, especially in five inch heels or incredibly uncomfortable shoes.

This Fashionista’s look is so easy to recreate with pieces you already own, which I absolutely love. Her outfit is comfortable, stylish and cold weather proof. Her graphic T-shirt is from an Angel Olsen concert (There is no better way to show up to a concert than to represent it with a cool graphic T-shirt!), and her denim jacket is from Old Navy! On trend and on budget. Just the way I like it.

Rock out in style, Fashionistas and Fashionistos.