January 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

Concerts are always a fun event to plan with friends. One of the many ways we spend our time planning for a concert is by thinking about what we are going to wear. We can depend on an outfit for many reasons. But when it comes to concerts specifically, you can sometimes find yourself putting a concert outfit together based on the style of the music. Like outfits, music also has style. Here’s how to prepare for 2017’s Jam Fest calendar.

Focusing particularly on Pop or Pop Soul concerts, the goal is always to be comfy, street stylish, and minimalistic. This Fashionista definitely knows that. Therefore, you must work with the basics. Denim is a person’s best friend! May I point out distressed denim is totally the trend. Was there a bigger concert this year than Ellie Goulding and Justin Beiber’s late summer concert? And can we just talk about the biggest tour that happened this 2016 concert series with Adele’s 25 Tour!

Overall when it comes to concerts, especially pop, simple is always better. You can make or break your pockets buying your favorite artist’s concert theme shirt or you can buy a simple sleeveless mock-turtleneck top. Pair this shirt with your favorite distressed denim jeans and throw on some comfy sneakers, Stan Smith Adidas to be exact. Then you’re so ready to jam out at your favorite concert of the year. Make yourself ready guys, because I don’t know what 2017 has in store music-wise but I am certain that it is so totally RAD that even the Hello singer would approve!