Concerts are the perfect time to go out and to show off those unique pieces in your closet you don’t get to wear everyday. This Fashionista did just that by adding her personal style to a simplistic outfit by accessorizing with a homemade choker and embroidered hat, two of this year’s biggest trends.

Embroidery and chokers have both made a huge comeback in fashion and are two of the top trends this upcoming fall. Embroidery can transform any garment into something personalized and unique to your style, making it a great option to spice up basic pieces such as this Fashionista’s solid white hat. It’s widely seen on denim, pant pockets, jackets and accessories and adds color and flare to anything!

The ’90s choker trend is another thing to be looking out for this season. These trendy accessories are easy to make and are eye-catching, as we see on this Fashionista. She rocks her homemade black denim choker made from the same material as her jeans. To make your own, get a piece of any material you want, size it to your neck and then just add a clasp for a DIY accessory!

Lastly, for her shoes she decided to stick with a lace-up block heel to dress up the outfit without having to worry about comfort. Heels like the ones this Fashionista has on are perfect for any occasion since they’re low enough to wear with something casual, but can also be paired with a dress or skirt and still look dressy.

Even though a white off-the-shoulder top and plain black jeans may sound like a basic outfit, this Fashionista shows us otherwise. By adding the right accessories, her concert attire is fun, unique and on trend making it the ideal look for a big night out.