Summertime means no classes but ,of course, endless fun. From beach days to a night out on the town, the entire summer allows for months of memories to develop. However, by far the best part of summer is the variety of concerts and performers that make their way into town each year. Country concerts have grown to be a personal favorite of mines because of the stories and heart warming lyrics which bring me joy. One great quality I have noticed among country artists is their originality and love for music. Which is similar to the originality and love for fashion expressed by designers and each Fashionista/o of the world. With country boots, bandanas and flannels being the typical look for a country concert, that does not mean hints of personal style do not emerge among some country loving Style Gurus. A personal friend and country music lover portrayed a country concert look which any Fashionista/o would mark their stamp of approval.

Sporting a black and lace crop top with detailed pattern shorts, this Fashionista was ready for a night of country music. Although one would typically picture a pair of cowboy boots to complete the look, this Fashionista chose to bring together the final outfit with a pair of white Converses—which is no less country than the best western style boots. Instead, the white Converses still add a rugged country feel yet allow for a more relaxed look on a hot night.  For the first time country concert-goers who don’t want to break the bank for a pair of cowboy boots, a pair of Converses also help save money without making the Fashionista look out of place. In addition, the red and burgundy printed shorts add to the rustic feel of late nights dancing at concert venues. By adding her own sense of style to a typical look, this Fashionista is sure to catch a few eyes during the night.

One Simple Change: Heading to dinner after a night dancing to country jams? Grab your favorite jean jacket to pair over the black crop top for warmth. Finally finish off the look with a small cross-body purse, and a pair of sandals or booties to make the look more formal.

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