Did you really have a fulfilling summer break if you did not go to a music festival? Possibly, but going to a music festival would have made it so much better! This year, I was lucky enough to attend Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago, Illinois. Not only did I see the love of my life, Leon Bridges, live for the second time, but I was also inundated with fabulous outfits for about 96 hours straight. On the fourth and final day of the festival, when I finally worked up the courage to stop one of the millions of Fashionistas I spotted, I was lucky enough to get two for one! In a crowd full of stylish festival babes, these two natural-haired beauties really stole the show.

Fashionista number one, on the left, is rocking a very on-trend, yet music-festival efficient outfit. She is wearing an olive green crop top underneath a dark denim pinafore dress, or an overall dress. In addition to being on trend, this one-piece is also great for mobility during such an active event. For footwear, this Fashionista opted for black socks with all-white sneakers. These are a fantastic choice for a festival because who really wants to get their toes stomped on while you are trying to enjoy Disclosure? Also, can you see the light up detail around the bottom? My inner second grader went crazy for these kicks. Fashionista number one accessorized with stud earrings, a thin black choker with a small pendant (again, on trend!) and an all-black Jansport backpack to carry her personal goodies while trekking around the grounds.

Equally fabulous Fashionista number two, on the right, created an eclectic look with a few bold pieces. To start off, she is wearing round sunglasses, a Buddha necklace and a maroon velour headband to hold back her gorgeous curls. For clothing, she is wearing a striped crop top layered underneath a black pinstriped baseball jersey. On the bottom, she is wearing high-waisted denim shorts that are cuffed as opposed to the cut-offs that many other Lolla ladies were rocking this weekend. Around the waist of those shorts, she fastened a solid sea foam green fanny pack. This is ideal for carrying your valuables in heavily populated areas.

Now, this accessory was definitely my favorite. This fashionista has a tattoo of the phrase “PAY FOR SOUP/BUILD A FORT/SET THAT ON FIRE” around her right thigh. The quote is a popular tag that was coined by the late artist Jean-Michael Basquiat during his time as a graffiti artist in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As if this Fashionista could get any cooler, she is wearing a pair of Ked’s sneakers that are decorated with her designs.

One Simple Change: In appropriate back-to-school spirit, Fashionista number one could go straight to class after swapping the crop top for a striped mock neck top. Fashionista number two could follow right behind her after switching the baseball jersey for an oversize knit cardigan.