Hello all! Here is my most recent CollegeFashionista and bohemian beauty! When the rush of school work and intense science classes show their hand to this particular Fashionista, she greets it with a concert! How fun!! Ben Rector to be exact. In Oklahoma Ben is a hometown legend, as he was born in Tulsa. BUT enough about Ben, check out this Fashionista’s serious style capability!

A favorite for this season, among the top of the top to even myself is fringe! Fringe has been reintroduced to many wardrobes across the nation this season, solely on the influential celeb pairings. Fringe being Rebecca Minkoff’s signature embellishment, it has gained a new spotlight among young and old everywhere. I sullenly remember a time when I could walk out of my home to not find a trace of fringe, however this seems to have changed over night!

In this Fashionista’s outfit, she embraces the cool summery tones and beach-babe vibe with that blonde hair! Just as fringe is almost a given in any stylish girl’s outfit this season, Rustic Cuff is a given in any girls wardrobe in OK at any point in time, as it is home to not only Ben Rector, but also Rustic Cuff. (As my articles continue, do not be alarmed at the amount of Rustic Cuff that will make an appearance, as I am in the birthplace of this phenomenon.) The outfit depicted is not only highly covetable, but also in turn functional. Most if not all concerts (attended by hipsters) are held at the historical Cain’s Ballroom, as it is historic, it is small and people get very sweaty very fast. So, I for one could not imagine a better outfit for a concert in the Brady District, as the top covers the essentials simultaneously offering a breathable option, shorts…one can never go wrong with shorts. The sandals complete the look by offering a sturdy sole for a night filled with dancing and making memories. Sunglasses and a necklace add extra flair.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista could make one simple change about this outfit, it would entail swapping the classic white shorts for a pair of skinny jeans for fall. By swapping the white shorts for skinny jeans, the Fashionista has created a dressier outfit that’s perfect for cooler weather. Whether the Fashionista opts for the white shorts or skinny jeans, this look is sure to gain her a fair sum of double takes by those around her. The fringe ultimately makes this top an essential piece to anyone’s closet this season, hopefully next season too (fingers crossed). Also, check out the breathtaking color combo!