Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Bonnaroo, it is almost impossible to find a person who does not know what these are. Music festivals have been taking the country and fashion industry by storm these past couple of years and continue to get increasingly popular. Each summer season, the trends are inspired by these festivals and what people choose to wear to them. Articles on Vogue, posts on social media etc. allow these trends to spread and grow, ultimately leading to the trends being mimicked and sold in fast-fashion stores each year. The styles that you tend to see are typically between an edgy rock look or a flowing bohemian look. The accessories are fascinating and fun, for example fringe, flash tattoos and a lot of faux septum rings. Celebrities have taken the festival style to a whole new level, each celebrity trying to be more different and fashionable than the next. Each year, we continue to see something new or more exotic than the last.

This Fashionista has been to a handful of festivals and loves seeing all of the different trends showcased by other festival attendees. Her favorite go-to festival style is a bohemian look and perfectly placed face jewels. She is also sporting long braids and hair rings, which brings the edgy, rock look to her Free People earth toned, flowing dress. Her colorful bracelets are a tradition of Electric Forest, a festival in Michigan, where attendees bring and trade these bracelets. They bring a personal, colorful aspect to her look that really showcases the special spirit of these kinds of music festivals. They key about dressing for these festivals lies in what makes you feel the most comfortable while still having fun with what you’re wearing. It’s a great occasion to be creative with fashion.

One Simple Change: For bold Fashionista’s, this outfit could easily be worn to multiple summer events, for example a farmers market or a girl’s night out. By removing the face jewels and flash tattoos, any Fashionista could ultimately wear this outfit for any occasion in the warm weather!