Strap on your sandals ladies and gentlemen, for it is once again the time of year for outdoor concerts.

This past weekend, I found myself at a hippie music festival in the woods. It’s a full weekend of classic rock concerts, meeting new people and celebrating. What more could a man ask for in a camping trip?

The outfits of the festival attendees are truly remarkable. It would seem that many are attempting to recreate what actual hippies of the 1960s would have adorned, or at least the traditional image of hippie. Tie dye, leather tassels, peace signs, bandanas and round sunglasses pepper the area.

This inspired me to look for a Fashionista/o whose outfit had a hippie-ish vibe to it, yet was still modern and sleek. The first ingredient needed for this look was some shorts that are seriously above the knee—Which are the current standard for male shorts and much needed on a 95 degree day.

Next, this Fashionisto needed a statement piece shirt, but not one that could get damaged or lost easily because shirts should be taken seriously. So this Fashionisto decided on a striped thrift shop polo, with an American Eagle Outfitters denim jacket cooly draped overtop.

After that, it was time to focus on the head. That denim jacket was just begging for one of this Fashionisto’s numerous thrift shop fedoras. As for sunglasses, they had to be round. Hippie culture (and also mainstream) leans heavily towards round sunglasses for one reason or another. So, the cherry on top of the ice cream ended up being Ray-Ban round flecks in tortoise shell.

But wait a minute—how can there be a cherry on top of a dessert that is lacking a base? That’s right folks, our noble Fashionisto needs shoes. Concerts tend to not be very friendly to a nice pair of sneakers, with all of the feet blindly stepping on yours and vice versa so you probably wouldn’t want to wear your new Yeezy’s. Instead, this Fashionisto opted for some black Vans Authentics. It’s a basic and stylish sneaker, yet one that can get beat up without causing wallet misery for the owner.

One Simple Change: Hold onto your britches folks, because this outfit is about to make a shocking transformation. What we have here is tailored to a summer day/evening, but by simply switching out the shorty shorts with a pair of chinos from Urban Outfitters, we have a solid fall/winter outfit.