Concerts have been on my mind a lot lately, in part because I’m a self-proclaimed concert junkie—but also it’s prime concert season. Tons of music festivals and concerts are coming up, from Lollapalooza to Kanye (finally) announcing his Saint Pablo Tour. The live music lineup this summer is packed to say the least.

Aside from figuring out what concerts to go to, finding the right outfit can be just as hard. Music festivals let you express your creativity, break out of your usual style and wear something you normally wouldn’t. As important as it is to let your personality show through your outfit, keeping comfort and breathability in mind is essential.

General admission crowds can get rough and sweaty very quickly, and even more so when you’re outside in the blazing summer sun. Take some tips from this Fashionista who keeps her look fun while still being concert friendly. She’s sporting the classic adidas Superstars which her feet will thank her for at the end of the day. What makes this outfit interesting is the layering. Throwing a vest over a dress is an easy way to layer during the warmer months. It also adds detail to the simple sneaker and dress combo.

From someone who made the mistake of wearing suede shorts to Lollapalooza last year, my advice is to keep fabrics and layers light. Whether it’s sneakers or your favorite pair of Chelsea boots, wear shoes that are comfortable as well and won’t leave you with blisters. It’ll make your experience that much better because at the end of the day you’re there to listen and enjoy some good music, not worry about how uncomfortable your outfit is.

One Simple Change: This outfit is so versatile you can wear it to a variety of occasions such as a brunch date with friends, a night out or as a casual travel outfit. Try switching the cargo vest with a suede or leather jacket for those chillier summer days.