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June 8th, 2016 at 2:05am

It’s no secret that music festivals and concerts are taking over college students’ summer bucket lists across the country. They’re a not-so-new way of experiencing live music and have been rapidly growing in popularity over the past few years. However, music isn’t the only focus and interest of concerts and festivals: These fests are also a place in which fashion and trends are exhibited in the widest variety of forms. The conglomeration of looks, listening and other aspects create the sort of “experience” that attendees are often attracted to.

Debatably, the most iconic music festival in history was Woodstock, and those late ’60s trends are often ones that we see reflected or revamped today at festivals like Coachella. The “hippie” or “flower child” look constantly makes appearances, paying homage to Woodstock or not. Throughout summer, fringe, feathers and florals are often in high gear (although we’ve still yet to see bootcut jeans completely back in full swing).

This Fashionista displays the floral trend with a light romper made of flowy and effortless-looking material. A romper with this light material would prove to be perfect for music festivals or concerts: it isn’t as heavy as denim shorts, and it’s not as likely to be the cause of a potential wardrobe malfunction (like a dress might). The rusty-maroon-and-shades-of-blue color combination gives the frequently-seen floral pattern an unconventional and vintage feel. Embellishments are common in festival and concert wear, and the addition of a simple gold chain necklace in this look gives it an effortless look a touch of glamour. Strappy gladiator sandals top off the outfit, along with a simple pair of aviator sunglasses and teal hobo bag. Don’t be afraid to dress the romper down for the concert you’re attending, however. The piece on it’s own is a statement.

One Simple Change: Go from gladiator sandals to wedges, throw on a few gold stacking rings to complement the necklace, and you’ll find yourself with a completely new look perfect for a summer date night! Regardless of how you style the floral romper, the look exemplifies how easy it is to mesh the old with the new in what we wear.