March 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

“Fest” season is here and all of us college students are ready to party the nights of our spring semesters away. What better way to unwind then following a Grey’s Anatomy tradition and dance it out! Although we are all looking for a good time, the motivation to constantly look slightly fashionable can become a drag. Let’s face it, we’re all tired from the late night procrastination and the early morning double shot of espresso. This is why on the night of “The Fest” it’s important to be as fashionable as possible with a dash of edge. Like the Fashionista, classy with the cross of a nighttime look is the perfect look for any concert.

Concert T-shirts can sometimes be a bit plain or boyish, so to “girly” it up she added a cirlcle/skater skirt and some chunky booties. And with the 1920s trend coming back, we all know that no outfit with a skirt included is not complete without some knee-high socks! Late night fests can also include long walks home, (maybe this is only at Kent) which is why she included the jean jacket, helping to give it a more casual yet warm look. And as always, accessories are necessary to complete any outfit: bangles for the girly side and the decorative septum ring for the edge. With this outfit, this Fashionista will be stylishly dancing and singing all night long!

One Simple Change: Not going to a concert but just out on the town? Switch out the concert shirt for a button-up or even a simple V-neck would tone it down. Either of my suggestions can make the look classy and/or a dinner date type of style.