Festival season is my favorite season. I find it so exciting to wait all winter to hear festival lineup announcements for the hundreds of festivals that happen throughout the country during the warm summer months.

Two of my favorite things are music and fashion, so you can imagine my insane passion for these events. Putting together outfits for the weekend is so fun and a great time to experiment with fashion.  You can get inspired from many different people throughout the world and find out how you want to dress yourself accordingly.

Since I absolutely LOVE rompers, this Fashionista immediately caught my eye (the second thing that stuck was realizing she was wearing all black—we are basically twins). Rompers are great pieces to wear to festivals because of their comfort, simplicity and timeless style. Pairing a loose sweater or kimono can add fun to your outfit and warmth when the day cools off into the night. Her classic Ray-Ban Clubmasters add a sense of ease and effortless style to her overall look, which is something I admire in fashion.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her stylish FitBit. She told me she had found a decorative wristband (which, to my excitement, I discovered is a Tory Burch design) to use to make it a bit more fashionable, and I think she made it work perfectly with the rest of her outfit! It’s definitely on my wish list! With all of the walking that one does at a multiple day festival, it’s perfect to pair something along the lines of a FitBit to keep track of your busy schedule!

One Simple Change: Since most of us will be heading back to college shortly, it’s easy to make this outfit comfortable for class. Swap out the romper for a pair of dark jeans and a simple top once it starts to cool down, and head back to class in style.