There’s no better season than summer to crowd around an amphitheater under the setting sun to sing along with your favorite bands. Everyone may be sticky and sweaty, but that doesn’t matter because all you care about is the bright lights and the sweet sound of the lead singer serenading you with your favorite song. But to make the night even better, you need to have an outfit that makes you feel confident and ready to live up the night.

This Fashionista loves country concerts and knows just how to dress for them. Dresses are always a great idea for concerts because they’re lightweight and can keep you cool. Avoid longer dresses and maxi skirts if you’re on the lawn. You’ll potentially spend the whole night trying to pull your dress out from underneath some stranger’s shoes. Not the best way to enjoy the show. Short, breezy dresses like this Fashionista chose are the way to go.

Country concerts are a great excuse to break out your cowboy boots. Not only do they go great with dresses but they’ll protect your toes if you’re on the lawn and support your feet as you walk around trying to meet up with friends.

In terms of bringing a purse, a cross-body bag is your best option. Bring a smaller one that you can fit the essentials in and try to avoid bringing anything extra that will weigh you down during the concert. Cross-body bags help distribute the weight across your whole body so you’re not constantly switching shoulders throughout the night. Not to mention that they can be safer because it’s easier to keep you’re stuff close to you. You’ll be less tempted to set your purse on the ground where people will step on it or worse comes to worse even steal something from you.

One Simple Change: Even if you aren’t going to a country concert, closed toe shoes are a good option. Try sneakers for a concert like Vans Warped Tour or combat boots for something like Blink 182.