Hey there my fellow Fashionistas/os! You know what’s the best thing about summer? (Besides the obvious break from school, of course). Concerts! Concerts are just about the best musical experience around. The pulsing of the beat, the hot sun beaming down on your shoulders and just seeing your favorite artist live makes you feel so alive. Every summer I try to at least go to one just so that way I can feel like I’ve accomplished my summer goals and now I’m ready for fall. 

This Fashionista embodies the true vibe of a music festival-goer. From her floppy hat to her tan booties her outfit is perfect. What I love about her outfit is that it’s such a boho look and so accessorized that you can’t help but love it. The silver chunky belt draws attention to her waist and the harness just adds a touch of edge. Her floppy hat is a perfect addition to any concert outfit because of the sun and I love how her hair was braided to really give off that summer vibe.

Since a lot of concerts are during the summer you definitely want to make sure you’re dressed in easy layers such as a crop top and shorts. Sunscreen is also really important just because it’s so hot and there are a ton of people who go so you don’t want to overheat. Also please make sure to keep hydrated if you do go to any concert.

One Simple Change: All done with the concert and want to go out with your friends to a nightclub or dinner? Change the shorts for either a mini or midi skirt and you’re all set for a night out about town!