Summer is always full of concerts. It’s an easy way to have a fun time, hear music you love and hang out with your friends. Concerts are usually packed in tight with barely any room to move. Add that to the Florida weather and the crazy jumping around and dancing and you definitely need to pick an outfit for the occasion.

Concerts are very common for wearing super cute fashion, but the hot temperature and the sweaty bodies make that a hard goal to accomplish. Lucky for you, I have the perfect idea for your concert wear, rompers. Not only are they adorable, but they keep you cool as well. Any Fashionista will look killer at a concert while keeping cool at the same time. This week’s Fashionista wears a spaghetti strap romper with a bold bright colored print. Not only does she wear a popular romper, but it also has crochet trim at the bottom (another extremely popular trend this summer). This romper is essentially everything you need in the summer for a concert. She also paired it with simple brown sandals to keep it casual. With the addition of sparkly dangle earrings and gorgeous curls, this Fashionista is sure to stand out while rocking out.

One Simple Change: Let’s say this concert took place in the spring. No worries, this attire is still suitable. Everyone knows after a concert, the food cravings are intense. I mean, come on, you just danced off about 2,000 calories. One way to change this outfit for a late night dinner would be to throw a denim jacket on top. During the day, it’s hot outside, but at night fall, it cools off. Therefore, just toss the jacket in the car. The jacket will keep you warm while still looking fashionable.