Summer is known for no school, relaxing and hanging out with friends. Whether it is at the beach, a local fair, a theme park or a backyard barbecue, this sunny season is also the prime time for concerts and music festivals.

One of the most fun parts about going to a concert or music festival is picking out a unique outfit to wear! This Fashionista has no problem piecing together the perfect ensemble.

If the concert is outdoors, you will want to wear something breathable like the cotton dress this Fashionista is demonstrating. When the evening approaches, it may start to get chilly out, so this black leather jacket is the ideal go-to choice. You will be on your feet for several hours, so comfortable shoes are a must. This Fashionista is rocking a black pair of cozy Keds for getting down on the dance floor. Another important fashion decision for a concert is picking what bag to wear. This bucket bag is lightweight enough to not bother you while you enjoy the show yet is big enough to fit all your necessary items. Her black bag, leather jacket, Keds and stripes in her dress all correlate flawlessly in this grunge/punk look. Complete the outfit with an edgy, dark red lipstick.

One Simple Change: Going on a tropical summer vacation? Swap the leather jacket and Keds for a floppy black hat and white sandals. Now be sure to remember your sunscreen, towel and magazine for some poolside fun! Flowy, cotton dresses are very versatile and can be worn for many different occasions depending on what you accessorize with them.