If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been counting down the days to finally see one of your favorite bands live, memorizing every song on the set list and mentally preparing yourself… but one of the biggest questions you still have in mind is “What am I going to wear?” The outfit needs to be comfy yet still chic. It needs to work for the cold temperatures of waiting in line for hours and the heat of being in a pit of people pushing towards the front. And it’s got to have pockets for holding all your necessities without having to worry about a purse. Seems like a lot for one outfit to accomplish, but this Fashionista demonstrates how to look and feel great at a concert.

A great combination for nearly any show is an oversized T-shirt and a pair of cut-off shorts. There’s really no way to have a wardrobe malfunction with this pairing so there’s nothing to worry about besides how close you can get to the stage. This Fashionista rocks an oversized T-shirt that has a lace-up deep V-neck that shows off a lace bralette underneath.

Another great concert staple is a denim jacket. It’s dense enough to keep you warm while waiting, thin enough to tie around your waist during the show and usually comes stocked with plenty of pocket space. This Fashionista sports a vintage Planet Hollywood jacket that really gives her outfit some character.

A great way to break up your silhouette (and keep your legs warm) is to throw on some thigh-highs. I usually opt for a pair of thigh-high socks and wear them with some Converse or Dr. Martens. However, this Fashionista chose a pair of thigh-high boots with a small heel. A chunky heel can be great for giving you a couple extra inches when you’re surrounded by giraffes in the pit without killing your feet.

My last recommendation is to bring a scrunchie—not only does it keep your hair back when you need it but it also doubles as a cute bracelet. The crowd can get really hot and sweaty and the last thing you want is your hair stuck on the back of your neck or getting stuck in between strangers behind you. You may spend hours on your hair but you’re really helping all parties when you decide to put it up. A scrunchie is perfect because it won’t leave a dent in your hair and earns more style points than a basic pony.

I could go on for hours about concert do’s and don’ts because I am a self-proclaimed concert junkie. However, I have tried variations of this outfit and it’s basically fool-proof.