The summer filled with music is the best kind of summer, especially when you get the chance to attend any of the great music and art festivals such as Bonnaroo, Firefly or Hangout or when you just hit up your local venue to catch your favorite artist. The music experience probably will include hours on your feet and in hot weather, especially when a crowed group surrounds you or the temperature outside is stifling.

This Fashionista made sure she was prepared for her night. To start from the bottom, she is wearing essential combat boots to ensure a great night with little complaints. These festive brown combat boots will keep her feet from hurting after hours of standing and enjoying the music. They are stylish and great for anytime of the year as well dressing them up or down depending on the occasion.

She picked out a colorful, patterned and comfy shirt which is a great choice for a concert because it is playful and something unique that if you get lost from your friends they might be able to spot you across the room. This Fashionista paired the top with simple and great summer jean shorts that has rips on the edges which creates a casual and cool vibe. She added a chunky bracelet to spice up the look a bit which reads “HOPE” and is wonderful to add a little personality to the overall look.

One Simple Change: Who doesn’t love a pair of combat boots? Well, you can take these combat boots and the chunky bracelet and match it with a little olive colored dress for that back to school look in the fall.