Ever had the hard choice of having to decide what to wear to an indoor concert in the middle of winter? It’s cold enough outside that sweaters and a jacket are necessary, whilst inside the venue, the heat from mass bodies alone will make you want to change into a tank and shorts. Thankfully, we are now entering that time of year that this decision no longer has to be made! Yay! Now, dressing for weather appropriate outdoor concerts can be a fun and easy decision.

This Fashionista shows us that with a cute lace top and a pair of distressed jean shorts, dressing for summer concerts can be a piece of cake! Her lace top is the center of the outfit, making the perfect balance between casual and done up. As much as you want to look good at concerts, you also want to be comfortable. This is where the distressed jean shorts and cap make the outfit down to earth and totally relatable! Who doesn’t have a pair of old jean shorts that they’re dying to style into their wardrobe? They’re weather appropriate and go along with the feel of a casual outdoor event. The cap is handy for concerts that may be earlier in the evening, keeping the setting sun away from your eyes so you can see your favourite band play on the stage!

This Fashionista is keeping the accessories game casual and cool with brown leather studded sandals, the perfect item to keep the outfit easy going. Top the whole outfit off with a cute necklace like this Fashionista, and you’re ready to rock out all evening to your favourite songs!

One Simple Change: Going to the bar with friends for drinks after the show? Ditch the cap and try throwing on a cute leather jacket for the venue, making the outfit a little more girl’s night out appropriate!