Dressing for a concert is always the most challenging decision of the night. Finding parking and a good spot inside the venue is nothing compared to finding the perfect outfit for the night. You always want to sacrifice comfort for the cutest outfit in your closet, but you could end up regretting it by the end of the night with sore feet and stained clothing. This Fashionisto proves that you don’t even need to sacrifice and amazing outfit for comfort.

Detroit isn’t always known for its fashion, but it is known for its consistent music scene. To no surprise, I spotted this Fashionisto right down the street from my favorite Midtown venue, The Magic Stick. I spotted his amazing floral button-down at first, but became even more intrigued once I noticed how functional and fashionable both his white leather sneakers and his comfortable stretch black trousers. Leather sneakers are an amazing choice for a concert because if they get dirty, you can simply wipe them off with a wet cloth, while stretchy black trousers are guaranteed to be more comfortable than a pair of jeans with minimal stretch. A penny roll at the bottom of the trousers helps dress it down and completes this Fashionisto’s concert outfit.

One Simple Change: Instead of going to a concert, throw on a pair of penny loafers and a slim fitting blazer and it would be perfect for a night out on the town or for an interview for that job you are looking for!