Festivals combine music, art and food into one amazing event. Most importantly, dressing up for a festival is the chance to experiment with outstanding prints and vintage-inspired hats. There’s nowhere else that you can simultaneously feel the sun’s rays, eat from the best food trucks and listen to live music. Festival style is all about protecting yourself from the sun whilst letting your inner bohemian out.

Spotted at Toronto’s Field Trip, this Fashionista nailed all the necessities of a festival outfit. The first thing I noticed was her paisley kimono blowing in the summer breeze. It brought her whole outfit full circle by remaining on trend. The kimono oozes retro. It’s a classic and light way to add colour to any festival outfit.

Two essential accessories when going out to a festival are sunglasses and hats. This Fashionista was prepared to stay cool throughout the day. One of her statement pieces is the black felt hat that looks straight from the ‘70s. The best part of Amy’s hat are the silver embellishments across the band. Next, her Ray-Ban sunglasses tie into her look by continuing the vintage flare without overdoing it. These accessories will not only keep you away from the sun, but you’ll still look festival-chic without the flower crown.

She took the simple jeans and a T-shirt outfit to the next level. Take note from this Fashionista, and show off your best pieces from the wardrobe while staying relaxed and sun smart.

One Simple Change: After partying hard at Florence + The Machine’s set, head out to a casual dinner with friends in style. Ditch the hat and replace the kimono with a lightweight flannel.