Ladies and gentlemen, outdoor music festivals are upon us! What better way to spend your summer than to be gallivanting from one concert to the next? For me, finding that perfect outfit to jump and dance in can be pretty difficult, especially when dealing with Chicago weather. Many thoughts run through my mind as I stand in front of my closet: “Should I dress comfortable or stylish? Bring a jacket? Hair up or down? What if the temperature drops?” With this look, all your questions (and mine) disappear.

This look caught my eye because it crossed everything off my checklist: functionality, simplicity and Fashionista-friendly. With a loose cardigan tied around the waist and close-toed shoes, this look is concert-ready. The sneakers help to avoid any painful missteps from fellow concert-goers and can be easily cleaned if they get slightly roughed up. The cardigan not only breaks up the jet-black dress and adds a bit of grunge flair; you can throw it on if the temperatures drop after the sun goes down.

Going to a concert (for me, at least) means plenty of dancing. The last thing I want is to be bogged down by jewelry, a heavy purse and my hair. All of these issues are solved by this Fashionista’s ensemble. Her minimal jewelry and cross-body bag allows her to move as much as she likes, while still looking put together and stylish. Lastly, her floral head wrap keeps her curls in place and adds a pop of color to her outfit. This summer is going to be chock-full of concerts and festivals, and I want you to put your best look forward!

One Simple Change: Leaving the show for a late-night bite? Swap the sneakers and cardigan for a pair of booties and a structured blazer for a sleek and easy look!