With summer quickly approaching that means it is festival season! Guys and gals dress to the tens in their best interpretations of the popular boho look that goes along with music festivals. With events such as Coachella being held here in Southern California a girl here is no stranger to festival style, and this Fashionista proves it.

Her pants are perfectly boho-chic and are what first caught my attention. They are daring yet summer-concert-appropriate. Hers are from Ross, but you can find a very similar style here. She allowed her pants to be the main focus of the outfit by keeping her Seventeen top simple. Her Catherine Loiret bag is simple yet unique due to the cute bean shape. Then, you must always protect your eyes from the blazing summer sun; no one wants premature wrinkles! Tip: for a concert opt for a cheap pair of shades. That way in case of damage or losing them you won’t feel bad about replacing a six-dollar pair. Forever 21 is the best place to find cute and affordable pairs. Finally, it is important to have comfortable footwear,as walking through the desert sand and heat is no easy task. This Fashionista loves her Rainbows because of how comfy they are.

Summer is the perfect season to soak up the sun while listening to your favorite artists and bands. Festivals are the best time to try out the boho style if you are new to it. Take a risk but most importantly enjoy yourself!

One Simple Change: Take this look from day to night while keeping the boho vibe with a bell-sleeved top. It will keep your arms covered for those cooler yet still warm summer nights.