Summertime means a break from stressing about classes, assignments and grades giving you time to focus on the important things in life—having fun! This Fashionisto is using his free time wisely by heading to an outdoor concert with his just as fashionable friends.

His monochromatic outfit is eye-catching, but what really draws you in is the bright pop of red exhibited through his Vans. The worn-in appearance shows that these shoes are loved and an obvious favorite of the Fashionisto. Because of the close proximity of people at a concert, these Vans are the perfect choice since it’s inevitable that they will be stepped on.

Its almost as if this Fashionisto has two faces: his actual face and the gorgeous face of a smirking James Dean that is sure to stand out from the crowd. The Fashionisto says that he found this shirt at a thrift store, assuring that it is vintage and quite possibly one-of-a-kind. While it may be difficult to find this exact James Dean shirt, there are many graphic T-shirts available across the web that could work as a substitute.

He pairs this look with a classic Vans snapback, matching the brand of his shoes and tying the whole outfit together. Accessorizing for Fashionistos can be challenging at times, but a hat is always a good choice to fully complete a look.

One Simple Change: Shorts are sure to keep you cool at those packed concerts, but by simply trading your shorts in for a pair of dark skinny jeans you can make it through a long, air-conditioned filled class. Replacing shorts with jeans also makes this outfit versatile across seasons instead of only being able to wear it in the summer.