Summer is practically synonymous with concert season, whatever it is you love, there is a festival for that. The freshly discovered indie band your classmate told you about, there is a concert, somewhere, for them. If sound escapism is your summer hobby then this Fashionista can help you make those picture perfect moments camera-ready.

Something that is undeniably associated with summer, and rightfully so, is floral print. Fortunately in today’s fashion there is more to choose from in that category as Vogue’s editorial “Petal Pushers” is a beautiful display of floral fashion gone right! With its funky print and abstracted textile design, this romper is a great example of transforming florals into a lively texture. The orange embroidery adds a pop of color and dimension to this one-piece ensemble. Rompers couldn’t be more perfect for the jumping, dancing and combatting (or happily joining in with) overly aggressive ravers, all things which are involved while truly enjoying a summer concert, of course.

For concerts held outdoors, this look allows you to easily adjust to the elements by adding a simple cardigan or denim jacket. You can’t forget how important your footwear choice is in this situation. Despite the heat, having your toes out could be dangerously painful. Backless could leave you shoeless. With the possible exception of wedges, every Fashionista should know when heels are just not ok, and an outdoor concert is one of those moments. Instead, try a luxurious version of skateboard shoes like these leather slip-ons.

One Simple Change: The last song is over and the crowds are flocking back to their lives. But your night has just started as you and your “boo” are going out for a nice dinner. Switch out the sneakers for lace-up heels to convert your look from cool to to casual-chic.