July 14th, 2015 at 2:10am

Festival season is the best season, nothing can compare to jamming out with thousands of people to your favorite music while wearing excessive amounts of flash tattoos and glitter. However, dressing the part is the cherry on top. Drawing inspiration from your favorite style icon’s Coachella looks will help you channel your inner festival Fashionista (I recommend checking out Kendall Jenner’s look; she never fails to impress me).

Often, people question what festival attire entails. Honestly, it is whatever makes you feel comfortable. You are spending all day or possibly a weekend in a crowded venue, so being practical is a must. Take a tip from this Fashionista and rock a whimsical maxi skirt. Wearing pieces that create movement is not only cooler but also beautiful.

As you can tell, this Fashionista is not afraid to take risks. She paired this floral, paisley, patterned skirt with a basic black tank. The crisscross effect of the tank top frames the necklace perfectly. This effect makes the layered necklace the center of focus. I love that this Fashionista incorporated both gold and silver accessories into her look. By doing so, she creates variety. Finally, a good festival look is not complete without a hat. Hats are not only fabulous but are also protective. This wide-brimmed hat will keep this Fashionista sunburn free.

One Simple Change: To take this festival look on vacation, ditch the flip flops for a comfy pair of Birkenstocks. Comfort can be cute. Weekend trips up North would not be complete without a trusty bag. A small backpack is perfect for carrying all your traveling necessities: sunglasses, sunscreen and a camera.