It’s recital season! Although you may not be seeing Beyoncé in concert, your little siblings or adorable neighbors have been rehearsing their artistic talents all year long. You can’t miss their big moment on stage. Plus, who doesn’t want to relive their childhood dream of becoming a prima ballerina or a musical prodigy? You bought your ticket and picked out a beautiful bouquet of red roses to give to your little star. Now you just need an outfit for the show. This Fashionista’s look combines the right amount of fun and classiness, creating an outfit perfect for the occasion.

Her sweet and flirty vibe radiates from her floral print, knee-length skirt. Finding inspiration from the show’s dancers, this circle skirt flows nicely as she tries a pirouette or two. The skirt’s high-waisted cut pairs perfectly with her sleeveless black crop top, allowing a little skin to show. She matches the pinks in her skirt with a soft statement necklace that aligns nicely with the neckline of the top for a chic look. She then relaxes the outfit with some fun, neutral sandals. Keeping it playful yet sophisticated, this Fashionista is camera-ready for the after show events with the little superstars of the night.

One Simple Change: The night is still young after the recital, and you may be ready to go out with friends and put your own dance moves into action. Switch into some sexy heels for a “glamified” look. To top it off, add a vibrant pink lipstick. Nothing gives you more confidence during the night than killer heels and lips.